Monday, January 10, 2011

One Year of Circus!

This blog started precisely an year ago.

Things have changed a lot during the last year.

It started as a blog and artist collective that would soon evolve into a netlabel. Then we had a period of time when the netlabel was put to rest, and a podcast series appeared. After six months, the artist roster changed: We let go of our rock/blues/gospel side and became 100% focused on our electronic club/bass/beat activity. We've operated as a blog, podcast and artist collective ever since.

I can honestly say that this first year was a sucess.

Our, now extinct, netlabel released two EPs: one by Infestus, another by The Ramblers. Both of them received fm radio airplay all over Europe. We got blog and web magazine coverage aswell.

Because of that EP, The Ramblers rose as a powerful force in the local rock/blues scene, and were invited to open for B.B. King when he played in the north of Portugal last May. The blues king himself congratulated the band! The recording of our concert was later released as a podcast episode.

Infestus was a participant on Red Bull Music Academy 2010, and had the pleasure to warm up the crowd for Hudson Mohawke at The Roundhouse, London (listen here and here). A few months later he debuted his Live-act at Boom Festival. The recording of that was released as a podcast episode aswell.

In February, João Costa and Infestus inaugurated the Podcast series under the Cosmika Laika moniker (listen here).

The bass activists, Rastronaut and Nave Mãe, joined the artist roster in May, and have since been actively spreading the Circus Maximus sound in many events all over Portugal. Rastronaut, Nave Mãe and Infestus shared the bill with Mala, in a event at Club Gare, Oporto, last October (listen here). That was the first time our collective was associated with the production of an event, and it was a success!

It was an entire year of mixes, podcasts, musical productions and parties!

We've constantly delivered diverse, and interesting content to our audience during this first year.

We will continue doing the same during the second year, and beyond! Lets go!

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