Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Circus Maximus Podcast 025 - Daino

Circus Maximus Podcast 025 - Daino
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Daino, the artist formerly known as JC, returns to the podcast series, for the first time with the new alias, and brings us a soulful House and Garage mix. Flawless track selection as usual!

01. Kyle Hall - Create Your Own Existence
02. Moodyman - It´s 2 Late 4 U and Me
03. Nicholas - From The Roots
04. Infestus - Electric Purple
05. Mercury - You Lift Me Up
06. Audiopath - King of Kings
07. Daino - Haptic
08. James Johnston - Get The Feeling Back
09. Todd Edwards - Main Vibe
10. Grant Nelson - Track 101
11. Kool Vibe - House Fever
12. Linkwood - One

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


RASTRONAVE is Rastronaut and Nave Mãe. SOLARCAST is the result of mixing Rastronaut's "Rastrocast" series with Nave Mãe's "Solar Dance" podcast series.

They came up with this amazing summery mix. Check it!

Cover art by Love What You Do.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Various - The Circus Maximus EP (CM001)

Various - The Circus Maximus EP (CM001)
Release date: July 30th
Label: Circus Maximus
Cat. Number: CM001

Format: Digital

01. Infestus - Praia City Ravers
02. Rastronaut - Natty
03. Daino - HapTic


After setting the tone for Lisbon's resurgence on the globalized electronic music stage with Infestus' debut “Tigre EP” (still available for free download), this up and coming artist collective further establishes itself as a force to be reckoned with as it steps up its game to become a full fledged digital label. "The Circus Maximus EP" brings together three tracks from the imprint's founders and earliest supporters, which includes all new original tracks by label-head and synth wizard Infestus, co-founder and tropical techno advocate Rastronaut and engineering prodigy Daino. From the ravey stabs of 'Praia City Ravers' to rolling percussive workout of 'Natty' and the the lush and hypnotic chords of 'HapTic', the boys have banded together to create a diverse and stimulating EP that showcases the many different sides of the new Portuguese electronic music scene, all in one record.
First up we have 'Praia City Ravers', a physical and pumping ravey workout by RBMA alumni and Lisbon underground rising star Infestus, the founder of the label and brains of the operation, who masterfully blends hardcore aesthetics with a firm techno pulse, thick driving bassline and acid-tinged stabs. Lisbon rap fans will be in for a treat as the young producer warps a Nigga Poison sample into the mix, the undisputed kings of Cape-Verdian rap, further demonstrating the Lusophone influences that shine through his work. Expect a lot of hands in the air when you hear this one being dropped on an unsuspecting crowd.
Next up we have 'Natty' by Rastronaut, a personal take on dark and moody techno with a dubby twist from the eclectic Portuguese producer, fusing pumping bass and relentless kickdrums with reverb-filled stabs straight out of a smoky 70's Jamaican studio. Energetic and soothing at the same time, this track takes the EP into gloomier territories, while still maintaining that tropical aroma that seems to be the common element between all the wonderfully diverse music being made in Lisbon right now.
Last but not least we have Daino's track 'HapTic', a jazzy funk-tinged and garage-influenced number, a light-hearted melodic workout that's sure to bring smiles to dancers as it draws parallels to some of Lone's early work. Lush rishing chords and colorful melody swirls are held into place by a dynamic beat, which brings all these elements together to create a very soulful, musical and unique approach to club music. This is also the Lisbon producer's debut release, so expect many great things in the future as he sets the bar really high for himself and everyone else with this dreamy number.
This eclectic trio is starting to make waves on their hometown through a constant output of new material and well-received live performances, which is sure to grow as they begin a new chapter that will further establish them as major contributors to the new Lisbon underground electronic music scene. Do not miss out on Lisbon's newest label Circus Maximus as Infestus, Rastronaut and Daino get ready to take over crowds with their diverse, warm and surprising view of bass-heavy club music.

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Various - The Circus Maximus EP (CM001) by Circus Maximus

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Infestus - Tigre EP (CM000)

Infestus - Tigre EP (CM000)
Release date: July 24th 
Label: Circus Maximus
Cat. Number: CM000
Format: Digital

01. Uma Vida Pela Frente
02. Eu e Tu (Ela) 
03. Mortalha Barato
04. Mourão Dub
05. Amar Assim
06. Alfa Pendular
07. Telheiras

Sometimes you must look into the past to see the future. Circus Maximus is now a digital label, and to announce this bold new step for our collective, we chose to repackage and revisit an old classic. Clearly “Tigre EP” by Infestus stood the test of time, since It still sounds as fresh as when it was originally posted online in early 2010.

It’s a journey of very personal tracks written by Infestus during his late teen years, between 2006 and 2009, and marked the end of a creative cycle in his production. All of the tracks are deeply influenced by UK Sound System culture, but the sound pallette is diverse and cartoonish, as if each track was hand-drawn in crayon, covering an almost bi-polar emotional espectrum: Sweet and euphoric at times, cloudy and introspective at others.

Included in this reissue there are two previously unreleased out-takes, “Alfa Pendular” and “Telheiras”. Emotionally and chronologically the inclusion of these two tracks made perfect sense, and it seems now that it would be a mistake not to include them in this revised edition.

Once again it’s our pleasure to present you the new and improved Tigre EP” by Infestus!



  Infestus - Tigre EP (CM000) by Circus Maximus

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Circus Maximus, the label!

It's been two and a half years since Circus Maximus was born. The whole project came about out of necessity. The artist collective already existed, and the idea was to join forces and spread the word of our work collectively. 

Back in 2010, we even did a couple of free netlabel releases, including the infamous "Tigre EP" by Infestus. 

However, the project went in a different direction, working mainly as an online platform of promotion for our artist roster: Infestus, Rastronaut, Nave Mãe and Daino. Along the way we joined forces with Tokyo'Clock, that have been taking very good care of our image. 

The moment has come to take a new step forward. Circus Maximus is about to launch it's label. 

More information soon.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Zacarocha's Invite @ FAKTORY CLUB

Our friend Zacarocha invited our men Nave Mãe, Phatic and Octa Push for a night of pure bassy vibes at Faktory Club. Nave Mãe and Phatic put together a promo mix for the occasion! Have a listen!
Facebook event

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Circus Snack 004 - Mixed by Infestus

01. Xoices - Circus Riddim
02. M-PeX - Heurístika
03. Cartell70 - Tenho O Poder (Guichas Remix) (2007)
04. Infestus - Aveiro Hi-Tech
05. Lisboa Balal - Cais do Sodré
Mixed by Infestus.

Here's the first post of the year! We bring you the last episode of the Circus Snack series.

As the new year is beginning, we feel like we are entering a new era for Circus Maximus aswell. Releasing this marks the end of the previous age for us!

Enjoy this mix and the tunes that will be made avaiable in the next few days!

Cover design by TOKYO'CLOCK STUDIO.