Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Infestus - Tigre EP (CM000)

Infestus - Tigre EP (CM000)
Release date: July 24th 
Label: Circus Maximus
Cat. Number: CM000
Format: Digital

01. Uma Vida Pela Frente
02. Eu e Tu (Ela) 
03. Mortalha Barato
04. Mourão Dub
05. Amar Assim
06. Alfa Pendular
07. Telheiras

Sometimes you must look into the past to see the future. Circus Maximus is now a digital label, and to announce this bold new step for our collective, we chose to repackage and revisit an old classic. Clearly “Tigre EP” by Infestus stood the test of time, since It still sounds as fresh as when it was originally posted online in early 2010.

It’s a journey of very personal tracks written by Infestus during his late teen years, between 2006 and 2009, and marked the end of a creative cycle in his production. All of the tracks are deeply influenced by UK Sound System culture, but the sound pallette is diverse and cartoonish, as if each track was hand-drawn in crayon, covering an almost bi-polar emotional espectrum: Sweet and euphoric at times, cloudy and introspective at others.

Included in this reissue there are two previously unreleased out-takes, “Alfa Pendular” and “Telheiras”. Emotionally and chronologically the inclusion of these two tracks made perfect sense, and it seems now that it would be a mistake not to include them in this revised edition.

Once again it’s our pleasure to present you the new and improved Tigre EP” by Infestus!



  Infestus - Tigre EP (CM000) by Circus Maximus

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