Sunday, March 24, 2013

Circus Maximus Podcast 027 - Deep:Press

One of our favourite DJs, and recently also experimenting in production, this kid is the Portuguese master of deep dubstep! He is part of the Playground crew that regularly throw some of the best Bass music, Dubstep and Drum and Bass events in Lisbon. Bass heavy shit!

01. DBR UK - Bushy (Jafu Remix)
02. Futuristic Waves - French Jazz
03. Mala - Don't Let Me Go
04. Neurotoxin - Blue Moon
05. Prosody - Plaza
06. Baku - Coruba
07. Occult - Cauldron
08. Truth (ft. Yayne) - Time (Kaiju Re-edit)
09. Congi - Closure
10. Kode9 & The Spaceape - Victims
11. Data (ft. Cell) - Doors Of Perception
12. Kaiju - Close Break
13. Kryptic Minds - Rule Of Language
14. Thelem - Elemental Fears
15. Asylum - Salvage
16. Deep:press & Freud - Dark Ages

Monday, March 04, 2013

NEW VIDEO! Rastronave feat. Kalaf at Hard Ass Sessions, Lux Frágil!

Here's some footage of Rastronave (Rastronaut and Nave Mãe) playing b2b during the Hard Ass Session back in November. Shit was sounding sweet on that Lux's Funktion One soundsystem.

Nave Mãe will again be playing the next Enchufada event, this time at Casa da Música, on his own city, Oporto.

Read all about it here.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Circus Maximus Podcast 026 - Педро

(click image to listen)

Педро, the Setúbal's House scene wonderkid, has been playing in raves in the Greater Lisbon area for a few years now. When he plays with his brother they're known as Twin Trouble, and usually combine their selection with an iPad running Rebirth with virtual 303's, 909's and 808's. He plays regularly at suchs clubs and bars as ADN, Baco, White Label and others. Also he is associated with the Land of No One collective.

01. James Welsh - Zippyshare
02. Nathan H - For Her
03. Audiopath - Cruisin'
04. Shenoda - On & On
05. Jmx - Let go (Jordan Peak Remix)
06. De Sluwe Vos - Tales From The Hood
07. Marc Romboy - L'arc En Ciel (Trikk Remix)
08. Delroy Edwards - 4 Club Use Only
09. IVVVO - Deep Nights, Dark Mornings (Unreleased)

Download link:

Педро on Facebook