Saturday, April 30, 2011

Circus Maximus Podcast 017 - Unfixed & Broken

Circus Maximus Podcast 017 - Unfixed & Broken

01. Deekline and Wizard - Back Up (TRG Remix) - Against the Grain
02. Ramadanman - Glut - Hemlock Recordings
03. Zombie Disco Squad - The Dance - Dirtybird
04. Maddslinky - Fly feat. Jenna G - Tru Thoughts
05. Grigory Melikhov - Pure Reason - SoulMan Music
06. C.R.S.T. - Walk On - Well Rounded Records
07. Drums Of Death - Won't Be Long (Seiji Rerub) - Greco Roman
08. Phil Kieran - SKyhook (Scuba Remix) - Phil Kieran Recordings
09. Unfixed & Broken - Memories - Forthcoming Kali Records
10. Skream - Rolling Kicks - Tempa
11. Cosmin TRG - Strobe Lick - Tempa
12. George Fitzgerald - Don't You - Hot Flush
13. D1 - Pitcher - Dub Police
14. Scuba - Reverse - Hotflush
15. Icicle - Anything - Tempa
16. Unfixed & Broken - Deadly - Forthcoming Kali Records
>> Dead Prez, WTF? - It's Bigger Than Hip Hop UK - Dubbed Out Mic - Breakbeat Kaos
17. Matty G - My Turf - Dub Police
18. Break & SP:MC - Sound of the Resistance - Symmetry
19. Dj Die - Ghetto Bizness - Clear Skyz
20. Noel & Enei - Cracker - Critical Music
21. Origin Unknown - Lunar Bass (Commix Remix) - Ram Records
22. Hi Fidel Cartel - Fool Control - Dubplate
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Free tune XVI - included in Circus Snack 001

This tune by Rastronaut was included in Circus Snack 001.

FACT PT Mix 021: Infestus

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Circus Maximus Radio Show!

Circus Maximus was given a weekly one hour slot at Rádio Zero, as part of their mix show series called Puntz! It will be hosted by our man Infestus.

The first episode will be broadcast on May 3rd at 00:00 GMT.

Listen here!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Free tune XIII - included in Circus Snack 001

This tune by Ocke was included in Circus Snack 001.

New image

You may have noticed that our website has changed. 

For a while now Tokyo'Clock Studios have been in charge of our graphical image. We tought it was time to oficially announce it!

We had WAG working with us on the design during the first year of this project (except the first couple of months of 2010). Without his creative input we would not have reached this stage! We want to oficially thank him for everything he did for us! 

Also, don't forget that  WAG is still part of our collective as a DJ! (in fact he was just responsible for the first Circus Snack mix - check some more of his mixes here:

I should also note that one of the members of Tokyo'Clock is Johnweed. Apart from the graphical work he has also contributed with a mix for our podcast series. Remember this one?

Please welcome our new partners, TOKYO'CLOCK!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Circus Snack 001 - Mixed by WAG

01. Ocke - Love is Liquid
02. Ocke - Tempo
03. Orieta Chrem - Fuji Killah
04. Rastronaut - Ghost Guitar
05. Mr. Gasparov - No One Push (2007)
06. Mr. Gasparov - Bass Bully (2008)
07. Orieta Chrem & Blind - De Res
08. Tiago - Advancing Army and Plots

Mixed by WAG.

All the tracks included in this mixed compilation will be made avaiable for download, free of charge, in the next few weeks!

Cover design by TOKYO'CLOCK STUDIO.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Circus Snacks

Circus Snacks it's the name of a new feature of our blog. Each Circus Snack will be a compilation of  exclusive free tunes. For each of these compilations there will be a mixed version (mixed by one of our artists). In the following weeks after the release of each mix, every tune will gradually be made avaiable at our blog.

We will feature tunes by artists such as Octa Push, Mr. Gasparov, Xoices, M-Pex and a lot more...

Tomorrow we'll drop the first Snack compilation. Keep checking our blog in the next few weeks to grab the tunes!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Circus Maximus Podcast 016 - Voodookid

Circus Maximus Podcast 016 - Voodookid

01. Swami Kriya Ramananda - Song of the Golden Lotus
02. Gill Scott-Heron ft Jamie XX - Clouds
03. Nicolas Jaar - Colomb
04. Wu-tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M (Instrumental)
05. Random French Movie Chick
06. Ras G - Gravity
07. FLYamSAM - The Offbeat
08. Domo Genesis - Rolling papers ft Wolf Haley
09. Prince - If i was your girlfriend
10. Mount Kimbie - Would Know
11. Gill Scott-Heron ft Jamie XX - The Crutch
12. Richie Cole - Samba de Orpheus
13. Bonobo - Dinassaurs
14. Shlohmo - Naps
15. Ras G - Discipline 09-1
16. King Midas Sound - Lost (Flying Lotus Remix)
17. Eskmo - harmony
18. Zack Christ - Lofi Schnauz
19. Coleman Hawkins & His orchestra - Half step down, please
20. Tom Waits - Diamonds on my windshield
21. Rocky Marsiano - Marsiano goes Deep
22. Sam the Kid - A Procura da Perfeita Repetição
23. Nas - The world is Yours (Q-Tip mix)
24. Prefuse 73 - Speeds of God 2000
25. Sam the Kid - Sedução

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This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

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Beats for Bass - Nery invites Infestus

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Check In - 5th Aniversary Party

Last Friday our Lisbon crew went up north, to Oporto, to play at "Check-In's" 5th aniversary party.

Check-In is an association dedicated to promoting information in drug usage and sexuallity. They been doing a great job for the last five years!

There were sets by our men: Infestus, Nave Mãe and Rastronaut. And also a live-act by Octa Push and a closing set by Filipe Saraiva.

Great night!

Here's some photos of the whole thing taken by our friend Honey.