Friday, April 19, 2013

Shcuro - Ignis Fatuus EP OUT SOON!

Shcuro - Ignis Fatuus EP (CM003)
Release date: May 20th, 2013
Label: Circus Maximus
Cat. Number: CM003

Format: Digital

01. Shcuro - Ignis Fatuus
02. Shcuro - Ignis Fatuus (Headbirds Remix)
03. Shcuro - Ignis Fatuus (Volatil Remix)
04. Shcuro - Chromohidrosis
05. Shcuro - Chromohidrosis (Daino Remix)

In the hills of Linda-a-Velha where Shcuro inhabits, you have a tremendous view of the entire city of Lisbon and the south-side.

We can only imagine that was the source of inspiration for Shcuro to create Ignis Fatuus, an amazing track that simultaneously summon the futuristic detroit of the 90s and the current deep dubstep sound.

On the remix duties for the title track we have two Barcelona heroes: Headbirds and Volatil. Headbirds turns the track into a 4x4 slow motion flight over sunny Spain, while on the other hand Volatil creates a tense landcaspe with a broken swing beat and a dark bassline.

Then comes Chromohidrosis with broken dubby techno vibes that suddenly turn into groove, always with a cloudy edge hovering above. At last we have the remix that comes by the hand of Daino, that further dramatizes the original into a more steady 4x4 version.

Shcuro on Facebook
Shcuro on Soundcloud
Headbirds on Soundcloud
Volatil on Soundcloud
Daino on Soundcloud

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Circus Maximus Podcast 027 - Deep:Press

One of our favourite DJs, and recently also experimenting in production, this kid is the Portuguese master of deep dubstep! He is part of the Playground crew that regularly throw some of the best Bass music, Dubstep and Drum and Bass events in Lisbon. Bass heavy shit!

01. DBR UK - Bushy (Jafu Remix)
02. Futuristic Waves - French Jazz
03. Mala - Don't Let Me Go
04. Neurotoxin - Blue Moon
05. Prosody - Plaza
06. Baku - Coruba
07. Occult - Cauldron
08. Truth (ft. Yayne) - Time (Kaiju Re-edit)
09. Congi - Closure
10. Kode9 & The Spaceape - Victims
11. Data (ft. Cell) - Doors Of Perception
12. Kaiju - Close Break
13. Kryptic Minds - Rule Of Language
14. Thelem - Elemental Fears
15. Asylum - Salvage
16. Deep:press & Freud - Dark Ages

Monday, March 04, 2013

NEW VIDEO! Rastronave feat. Kalaf at Hard Ass Sessions, Lux Frágil!

Here's some footage of Rastronave (Rastronaut and Nave Mãe) playing b2b during the Hard Ass Session back in November. Shit was sounding sweet on that Lux's Funktion One soundsystem.

Nave Mãe will again be playing the next Enchufada event, this time at Casa da Música, on his own city, Oporto.

Read all about it here.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Circus Maximus Podcast 026 - Педро

(click image to listen)

Педро, the Setúbal's House scene wonderkid, has been playing in raves in the Greater Lisbon area for a few years now. When he plays with his brother they're known as Twin Trouble, and usually combine their selection with an iPad running Rebirth with virtual 303's, 909's and 808's. He plays regularly at suchs clubs and bars as ADN, Baco, White Label and others. Also he is associated with the Land of No One collective.

01. James Welsh - Zippyshare
02. Nathan H - For Her
03. Audiopath - Cruisin'
04. Shenoda - On & On
05. Jmx - Let go (Jordan Peak Remix)
06. De Sluwe Vos - Tales From The Hood
07. Marc Romboy - L'arc En Ciel (Trikk Remix)
08. Delroy Edwards - 4 Club Use Only
09. IVVVO - Deep Nights, Dark Mornings (Unreleased)

Download link:

Педро on Facebook

Monday, February 18, 2013

Audiopath - King of Kings EP (CM002) OUT NOW!

Audiopath - King of Kings EP (CM002)
Release date: February 18th, 2013
Label: Circus Maximus
Cat. Number: CM002

Format: Digital

01. Audiopath - King of Kings
02. Audiopath - King of Kings (Infestus Remix)
03. Audiopath - King of Kings (Trikk Remix)
04. Audiopath - Candidate for Heaven
05. Audiopath - Candidate for Heaven (Madji'k Remix)

The Lisbon and Oporto based collective Circus Maximus is back with a new jam that's going to put House heads salivating. We present you Audiopath, a new name, but not a newcomer.

After years spent producing and playing Techno as Luxer (and even having one of his tunes being played by none other than Richie Hawtin himself!) he now switches to a more soulful sound with a new name. Audiopath brings us two originals backed by three different remixers:

First up we have King of Kings, a funky tribute to “The King of Style”, the graffiti legend Kase.
It's a wild stylish number with punchy electric piano stabs and a thunderous sub bass-line that keeps the groove simple, yet effective!

On the remix duties we have Circus Maximus head Infestus, bringing us a Speed-Garage
influenced take on the original. Stompy kicks, reecey bass, cut up stabs and ferocious tempo!
Somewhere between London, New York, and of course Setúbal in after-hours mode.

Up next there's Trikk, the bass music prodigy, originally from Oporto and now residing in London. His version takes the original into slow motion mode, including a melodic TB-303 riff and a broken beat. Perfect for warming up the floor!

Then we have the second original, Candidate for Heaven. A deep house cut with black gospel shouts and soulful chord progessions, Chicago style, but still packing enough punch for the peak time! This one is already a classic.

The last track is a Candidate for Heaven remix by the hands of the legendary French producer,
Madji'k, flipping the original idea into a balearic synth-pop cut with quasi-ravey stabs. Yes, now it feels complete.

From Oporto to New York, then to Chicago and London, ending in Paris. This one has something for everyone!

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Audiopath on Facebook
Audiopath on Soundcloud
Infestus on Soundcloud
Trikk on Soundcloud
Madji'k on Soundcloud

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Daino's new podcast series

Our man Daino has just started a vinyl only live mixed podcast series called "Dainomyte Tapes". Here's the first episode:

Friday, January 18, 2013

Free Audiopath tune giveaway on XLR8R!

Our forthcoming release by Audiopath, King of Kings EP just got featured on XLR8R.

They're also giving away a free 320 that didn't make the final cut for the release.

Grab it!