Thursday, July 22, 2010

A taste of what can be expected this friday!

This friday you can catch me and Rastronaut playing B2B on Europa.

We have been rehearsing, and this is the recording of our last rehearsal!
You can have an ideia of what is going to happen this friday.

It's ou friend Rui aka Voodookid's Goodbye Party.
Be there or be square!

Rastronaut B2B Infestus - The Rehearsal


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Free tune II

An ancient grimey tune made in 2008. Made with love (or should I say hate?).

In it's full 320 MP3 glory!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Circus Maximus Podcast 006 - Rastronaut

Circus Maximus Podcast 006 - Rastronaut
Recorded Live at T-Party, Oporto 03/07/2010

01. Mosca - Nike (Club Edit)
02. Sully - Phonebox (Point B Remix)
03. Girl Unit - Shade On
04. Bok Bok - Dance Report
05. Bok Bok - Ripe Banana
06. Jinder - Youth Blood (Rico Tubbs Remix)
07. Curses! - What I Need (Dexplicit Remix)
08. Dj Madd - Detroit Skank
09. Hackman - Always (Brackles Remix)
10. Infestus - Eu e Tu (Ela)
11. Baobinga & I.D. - Tongue Riddim
12. Crystal Fighters - I Love London (Brackles Remix)
13. Kingdom feat. Shyvonne - Mind Reader (Dub)
>>>Lil Silva - Golds To Get
14. Octa Push - Ai Nadia
15. Benga - Little Bits
16. Drop The Lime - Hear Me (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)
17. Drop The Lime - I Love NY
18. Herve - Blaze It (Reset! Remix)
19. Mr Oizo - Flat Beat (16bit Remix)
20. Drop The Lime - Howling
21. Mikix The Cat - Movin' Around
22. Kanji Kinetic - Scientist
23. L-Vis 1990 - Compass (Christian Martin Remix)
24. Mr Mageeka - Different Lekstrix (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
25. Boxcutter - Mya Rave v2

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New designer, new logo, new art direction!

Hello everyone!
We are experiencing a heatwave in Portugal right now. Yesterday there were temperatures around 50 degrees celsius in the south. Luckily I spent most of the day up north, travelling in a car with air conditioner. Heh!

Last weekend, Circus Maximus DJs took over Oporto for one night, playing in two separate events, one of them with Nave Mãe in Plano B, and the other one T-Party with Infestus and Rastronaut.

Here's the flyer for the T-Party event:
Rastronaut tore down the venue with his massive "hard-trance". At least that's what a couple Canadians that were attending the event told him after his set, and who am I to deny it. Rastronaut is the Portuguese Master of Hard-Trance!

Big up Phatic and Ocke for inviting me and Rastronaut to play at the T-Party event. Also big up DJ Spot, who invited Nave Mãe to play at Plano B that night, and who will be supporting Hudson Mohawke in Oporto in a few days.

That said, let's now focus on the subject of this post, yes?

We have a new designer working with us. He is responsible for the Wag project, and is also a DJ, member of Nave Mãe.

He has just finished the new logo that you can see at the top of the blog. Wag will also be taking care of the podcast cover design and all.

I think it's beautiful. Wait until you see the podcast covers. Uuuhh!