Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Naming things

The most important thing is the name. Back in the days if it came from Chicago it was House, from Detroit it was Techno, from New York it was Garage. I don't want to be a Portuguese guy doing foreign music. We need our own names. Don't just call it "something foreign" made in Portugal.

We should be able to sucessufly apropriate outside influence (like any sophisticated country) and make it our own, or else, I will always need an Adufe to make Portuguese music and I don't want that.

The Portuguese musical continuum has been broken for more than a century now. Even now, thirty years after the end of half a century of dictatorship, we haven't been able to restablish it yet.

This musical instrument pictured below is the perfect example of our inability to name things, to create things. We invented it but we weren't able to find a name for it, we had to simply call it "Portuguese Guitar".



Sunday, August 01, 2010

Circus Maximus Podcast 007 - JC

Circus Maximus Podcast 007 - JC

01. The Herbaliser - Kittynaper - Ninja Tune
02. Chris Joss - Shellah V - Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
03. Billie Holiday - Billie´s Blues(Daniel Y Remix) - Legacy
04. Mr Scruff - Music Takes Me Up - Ninja Tune
05. Tenorio Jr - Nebulosa(JC Remix) - CDR
06. The Bamboos - On The Sly - Tru Toughts
07. Lo-Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra - The Amplifier - Irma Records
08. Grandmaster Flash/Quantic - Message from Panama (Grooveservice Mashup) - CDR
09. Quantic - Blow your horn (feat. Ohmega Watts) - Tru Thoughts
10. Sleep Walker - Brotherhood (Marc Mac Dirty Jazz Remix) - Jazzmin Records
11. The Herbaliser - Gadget Funk - Ninja Tune
12. The Apples - Kidney Stone, Audio - Montage Entertainment
13. Cookin on 3 Burners - Settle the Score - Freestyle Records
14. The Juju Orchestra - What is Hip - Agogo Records
15. Fila Brazillia - New Cannonball - Twentythree
16. Lettuce - Dizzer - Velour Records

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