Monday, February 18, 2013

Audiopath - King of Kings EP (CM002) OUT NOW!

Audiopath - King of Kings EP (CM002)
Release date: February 18th, 2013
Label: Circus Maximus
Cat. Number: CM002

Format: Digital

01. Audiopath - King of Kings
02. Audiopath - King of Kings (Infestus Remix)
03. Audiopath - King of Kings (Trikk Remix)
04. Audiopath - Candidate for Heaven
05. Audiopath - Candidate for Heaven (Madji'k Remix)

The Lisbon and Oporto based collective Circus Maximus is back with a new jam that's going to put House heads salivating. We present you Audiopath, a new name, but not a newcomer.

After years spent producing and playing Techno as Luxer (and even having one of his tunes being played by none other than Richie Hawtin himself!) he now switches to a more soulful sound with a new name. Audiopath brings us two originals backed by three different remixers:

First up we have King of Kings, a funky tribute to “The King of Style”, the graffiti legend Kase.
It's a wild stylish number with punchy electric piano stabs and a thunderous sub bass-line that keeps the groove simple, yet effective!

On the remix duties we have Circus Maximus head Infestus, bringing us a Speed-Garage
influenced take on the original. Stompy kicks, reecey bass, cut up stabs and ferocious tempo!
Somewhere between London, New York, and of course Setúbal in after-hours mode.

Up next there's Trikk, the bass music prodigy, originally from Oporto and now residing in London. His version takes the original into slow motion mode, including a melodic TB-303 riff and a broken beat. Perfect for warming up the floor!

Then we have the second original, Candidate for Heaven. A deep house cut with black gospel shouts and soulful chord progessions, Chicago style, but still packing enough punch for the peak time! This one is already a classic.

The last track is a Candidate for Heaven remix by the hands of the legendary French producer,
Madji'k, flipping the original idea into a balearic synth-pop cut with quasi-ravey stabs. Yes, now it feels complete.

From Oporto to New York, then to Chicago and London, ending in Paris. This one has something for everyone!

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