Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Circus Snack 004 - Mixed by Infestus

01. Xoices - Circus Riddim
02. M-PeX - Heurístika
03. Cartell70 - Tenho O Poder (Guichas Remix) (2007)
04. Infestus - Aveiro Hi-Tech
05. Lisboa Balal - Cais do Sodré
Mixed by Infestus.

Here's the first post of the year! We bring you the last episode of the Circus Snack series.

As the new year is beginning, we feel like we are entering a new era for Circus Maximus aswell. Releasing this marks the end of the previous age for us!

Enjoy this mix and the tunes that will be made avaiable in the next few days!

Cover design by TOKYO'CLOCK STUDIO.

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