Saturday, January 08, 2011

FACT PT mix 005: Ka§par

Ka§par has been a big brother figure, and a friend for the past couples of years. He also happens to be one of the most talented DJs and Producer I know. This is his fact magazine mix, and It's merely a sample of his DJing ability.

Even tought he has been mainly associated with the House scene, Ka§par does come from a Broken Beat and Drum & Bass background. Ka§par became active as a DJ at the age 16, and has been a resident in one of the most important Portuguese clubs of all time, Frágil, for the last, what, ten years? (or more, not sure). Despite all that, he's not even 30, and he has been releasing stuff on Groovement records since 2004. That's not for anyone.

If that mix is not enough, he has a podcast series, Mamilo, that he has been running together with António Alves for a few years now. There's plenty of mixes there for y'all.


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