Sunday, January 31, 2010

Infestus featured in Ka§par's new single!

This is "Music Life" by my friend Ka§par, which includes, Music Life, Son of Man (featuring melodica by Luís "Infestus" Pinto) and a remix of Music Life by Photonz!

All of this released by Groovement Records!

Here's the official press release:

"KA§PAR is back! Groovement's earliest artist returns to vinyl for the second time in 2009, to showcase some music taken from his forthcoming debut album "Revolt". It features three tracks, two originals (both from the forthcoming) and a remix by mighty PHOTONZ. One of the main tracks of the LP "Music Life" is an uptempo house rumbler with acoustic beats, big bass and subtle dub techno and acid house influences, featuring vocal help from one of the main vocalists from such ground breaking projects as BB Boogie or Neon Phusion: Andrea Clarke.

Second A-side original track is "Son of Man". A rootsy "Dubstech" cut, impressively produced and deeply melodic. Sensual licks of a live jamaican melodica float and swerve on top of a few layers of deep bass, thumping kick drums and crispy, glitchy beats. This is one for both the heads and hips, that aims at the core of the most innovative of electronic music's developments of today... a sure-fire potential classic.

Finally PHOTONZ where given charge of a remix for "Music Life", these are young artists signed to such regarded label as Dissident or Astrolab (and now to GROOVEMENT!!)... the result was a futuristic and hard to categorize jackin' house output; as up-to-date as it is peculiar and unique: strange sound manipulations and abstract textures are side-by-side with harsh rythms and sharp claps, four-to-the-floor meets broken beats with an updated Detroit feel.

A solid, valuable and well round-up piece of vinyl that is sure to make many dj's delights, from the younger generation, to the old school heads."

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