Friday, April 19, 2013

Shcuro - Ignis Fatuus EP OUT SOON!

Shcuro - Ignis Fatuus EP (CM003)
Release date: May 20th, 2013
Label: Circus Maximus
Cat. Number: CM003

Format: Digital

01. Shcuro - Ignis Fatuus
02. Shcuro - Ignis Fatuus (Headbirds Remix)
03. Shcuro - Ignis Fatuus (Volatil Remix)
04. Shcuro - Chromohidrosis
05. Shcuro - Chromohidrosis (Daino Remix)

In the hills of Linda-a-Velha where Shcuro inhabits, you have a tremendous view of the entire city of Lisbon and the south-side.

We can only imagine that was the source of inspiration for Shcuro to create Ignis Fatuus, an amazing track that simultaneously summon the futuristic detroit of the 90s and the current deep dubstep sound.

On the remix duties for the title track we have two Barcelona heroes: Headbirds and Volatil. Headbirds turns the track into a 4x4 slow motion flight over sunny Spain, while on the other hand Volatil creates a tense landcaspe with a broken swing beat and a dark bassline.

Then comes Chromohidrosis with broken dubby techno vibes that suddenly turn into groove, always with a cloudy edge hovering above. At last we have the remix that comes by the hand of Daino, that further dramatizes the original into a more steady 4x4 version.

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